Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Infolinks 2015

If you do not know about the google redirect virus yet, you will. The google redirect virus is a hijack type virus, that embeds itself in your program files, registry and system restore, then hijacks your browser. This virus is very powerful and extremely hard to get rid of. Once a computer is infected, it will redirect all google, bing, and yahoo searches to malicious sites. Even if you are on one of your favorite sites and use their site search box you will be re-directed if that site uses google or bing for search. As I stated a minute ago, this virus is not easy to get rid of, there are several people out there that will tell you to download an antivirus or anti-malware software such as "Hitman pro" and that will do the trick. But in reality, the chances in one software alone getting rid of this virus is slim to none. You have to be just as aggressive as the virus itself, and since this virus is a true fighter, you want to use a whole army of softwares, so below I have compiled a step by step list on the best way to get rid of this virus. When you get to step 11, feel free to use your imagination and use a combination of as many spyware removers as you want to use. Hope this helps out, please leave feedback and suggestions.

1: download a program called r-kill, make sure to read its instructions on the download page. This is a program that kills running processes such as viruses. you can find r-kill here

2: download malwarebytes, spybot, adaware, and a good antivirus. Yes, download ALL of them, because some find malware that others dont find.

3: download ccleaner from

4: download registry repair wizard cracked torrent found here you will need a bit torrent agent such as utorrent to download this, but it is a vital asset.

This is where the fun begins
5: turn off system restore

6: open ccleaner and clear casche and cookies

7: restart your pc and start back in safe mode

8: once in safe mode, run r-kill immediately to stop all processes

9: then run registry repair wizard and use it to fix your registry entries.

10: then use ccleaner registry cleaner aswell for re-inforcement

11: then run malwarebytes, spybot, and adaware one at a time, full system scans

12: then run another full system scan using antivirus

13: then run registry repair wizard again

14: restart your pc again and do all of these steps again.

Yes it will take a long time with only 50% chance of getting rid of the virus, but I can say, it did work for me, but at the same time i have known of people who had to just do a whole new install. so i hope it works for you aswell. please let me know how it works.